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Otzar Meforshei HaTorah Shemos 1

Otzar Meforshei HaTorah Shemos 1

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Sale Price: $28
A must for every Rebbe, every teacher, and every home!
A monumental project of Machon Yerushalayim. A treasury of all the
commentaries on each verse of the Torah in a clear, refined concise manner,
under one roof for the benefit of all who want to have a comprehensive
explanation of the verses of the Torah. Almost any question that would arise
during ones learning would be answered. All commentaries are taken from
Chazal, Rishonim, Achronim until today from close to 1,000 seforim, edited and
styled in a light, clear, sharp and refined manner.
A masterpiece that has had reviews like no other!
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