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The Minchas Chinuch Series
Minchas Chinuch Big Size
Minchas Chinuch
The Rennert Edition

Sale Price: $98
A Monumental Edition
This monumental edition of a classic work is beautifully designed and presented with thousands of corrections, additions, notes and bibliographic sources, full spelling of all abbreviations, enlightening comments, an introduction, and indexes of sources and subjects.
Minchas Chinuch with Gilyonei Avi Ezri
A unique version with the addition of the chiddushim and explanations of HaGaon HaRav Shach ztl on the Minchas Chinuch.
Minchas Chinuch Big Size
Minchas Chinuch - B'shulei Hamincha
A Treasury of Chiddushim

Sale Price: Set of 5 vol $107, Individuals $22 for each
The Minchas Chinuch in a revised and corrected edition with an all encompassing treasury of chiddushim, comments and many explanations from the achronim.
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