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Shulchan Tamid - Atzey Shitim

Shulchan Tamid - Atzey Shitim
Shulchan Tamid - Atzey Shitim
Rav Shlomo ben Moshe Chelme
Publisher: מכון ירושלים
Vol.: 2
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author of Merkevet haMishne on Rambam`s Mishne Torah.
A pair of Halachic works on all of Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayim: Shulchan Tamid deals with the
rules of prayer, blessings, seasonal matters, etc. (672 pages), and Shulchan Atzei Shittim deals with the
rules of the Sabbath, Yamim Tovim and Chol Hamoed (904 pages). New edition corrected according
to manuscripts and early printing, with introduction, comments and appendices
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