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Ratz Katzvi - EvenHaEzer Vol. 2

Ratz Katzvi - EvenHaEzer Vol. 2
Ratz Katzvi - EvenHaEzer Vol. 2
Harav Tzvi Raizman
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numerous Shiurim and essays based on in-depth
research of issues relating to fertility, Yichus and their
ensuing complex Halachic dilemmas. The articulately
written Shiurium and essays are the product of myriad
years of research and learning and are interspersed
with dynamic dialogue, discussion and opinions of
Poskei Halacha and great Torah Scholars.
These Sefarim are an up-to-date, one of a kind encyclopedia
for issues of fertility and Yichus, and has
received the approbation of many Gedolei Hado
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