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Piskey Recanati

Piskey Recanati
Piskey Recanati
Rav Menahem Recanati
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Rav Menahem Recanati lived in Italy over seven hundred years ago. He is known principally for his homiletic-kabbalistic commentary on the Torah. The Book of Decisions of Recanati includes a collection of six hundred decisions, brief and extensive, gathered from about twenty works of major decisors [posqim] who lived in the generations before him and in his generation. The book merited to be widely used in the works of latter day authorities. It is being published in a new edition, in accordance with manuscripts, in the original order in which it left the hand of the author, with the addition of comments, references and sources. At the end we have appended the book in the order in which it is usually printed. 496 pages.

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